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Empire Arabians

Debzak a.k.a Shady

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1988 Grey Arabian Mare
Ansata Zaki Halim x Bali Hai Tiffany 
Abbeyan Sharrak/Abbeyah Sharakiyah in strain

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Ansata Zaki Halim x Bali Hai Tiffany

This mare has a very interesting pedigree. I purchased her from Blue Moon Farms in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. There was something in her sale advertisement that made me just have to have her. She was sold without papers, they were lost at the time. Paige gave me all the information that Shady was sold to her and her mother with. All that was known was her age, and that she was a purebred Arabian from that general area. I started searching immediately, and 2 years later I finally know who she is. As it turns out, Shady and her dam were on the same owner report as my first mare, KW Isis. Isis and Shady's dam, Bali Hai Tiffany, were used in the same broodmare band. I called the listed owner, Briggs McGee, and after talking for about half an hour comparing notes, she went to this site and said the photos looked like the mare she owned,Debzak, so I sent more as she wanted to be completely certain. She has totally identified her as the mare she once owned.
Debzak, as it turns out, is 81.25% Arabian Foundation Bred, as her dam is an American Arabian Foundation mare, who also appears in the Arab Horse Legacy video file. Her sire, Ansata Zaki Halim, is Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, and Heirloom/El Deree. He just missed being qualified for American Foundation at being 62.5%, with the qualifying percent at 75%.

Debzak a.k.a Shady and myself
Bali Hai Tiffany x Ansata Zaki Halim

Spring/Early Summer 2006

Debzak a.k.a Shady

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