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Empire Arabians

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For Sale/Lease-updated 4/19/2011
Contact Us and links
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KW Isis
Ashley Al Azhar
Updates and Info-updated 4/26/2011
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We are located now at two locations: 
Empire Arabians Al Dahabi
653 Bendick Corners Road, Johnstown, New York 12095.
Susan (518) 762-8266
Empire Arabians Al Ru'a
71 East Main Stree, Johnstown, New York 12095
Rebecca (518)762-5236

Just click this link to send us e-mail:

Empire Arabian Stud

Photo by R.Davis

In this area, we will include any links related to our business or that we think you as fellow horse lovers would be interested in. If you know of any links I may be interested in posting, feel free to let me know!

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Absolute Farms is located in Johnstown, upstate New York,12095