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Empire Arabians


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I am one of the many individuals whose life has been focused on and decisions made by the next horse related decision. I have loved them from as far back as I can remember. I never really had fear of them, not even when I was run over by a herd of them when I was 4,resulting in a broken collar bone. I read of them, drew them, dreamed them. My first horse endeavor was a 6 year Palomino Paso Fino stallion named Profitizar. I didn't find out until too late that the man I was paying for him didn't even own him at that time. In short, I ended up paying money for a horse that was sold to someone else. Oh well. My second endeavor was to change my life forever, and still affects me. In early 1990 I had written to the Andalusian and Lusitano registry, and had received some sale pages for some farms selling or advertising. One of them was much different from all the rest. The sales list was from Linda Nightingale of Camelot Act II in Anderson, S.C. She was down to earth and genuine. She had enclosed a real photo of herself and her '89 National Champion stallion, Bonito, that had been taken at a demonstration of them doing some High School movements. (Bonito then became 1991 National Champion and high points stallion as well as having been awarded the Glenn O. Smith perpetual trophy)It prompted me to call her to thank her. After some phone calls back and forth, we struck a deal on one of her Arabian mares. Her name was KW Isis, and my life was forever changed.Within a year I had Isis with me and her foal by Bonito. Linda showed me that there are horse people who are honest and sincere. Through all my ups and downs she was there to lend an encouraging word. I cannot thank her enough for the opportunity she gave me, and words she instilled in me. Whenever I am going through some of life's difficulties, I always remember what she said to me, "Good things do come out of Ashes". I have since then met yet another one of those rare gems that I am proud to call my friend. Her name is Ute Clausing of Al Azhar Stud, Germany. She has extended to me her love of horses, her friendship, and her kindness.
Thank you Ute, I owe my future to you. I cannot thank you enough for that.


Profetizar PFHA # 1007386
Zar as a very young stallion.


Me and Zar the winter of 1989-1990

Zar was a bit on the wild side, and he was a handful, but he was real sweet too. The person that he was sold to absolutely adored him and he thrived at her home. Her name was Rosemarie Height, and maybe Zar was meant to be hers, and I was just the conduit. Either way, I have alot of wonderful memories of him as well, and riding a Paso Fino is one of the all time greatest. They really are the smoothest,especially for those with back problems.

Photo taken when he was about 3 years old.

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