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Empire Arabians

Ashley Al Azhar

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Ashley Al Azhar
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August 22, 2004 - May 12, 2007

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Ashley Al Azhar
GR Amaretto x Asra Jamal

I had originally contacted Ute for a mare to lease for a breeding to the stallion, Mohamed ( Mahomed x Foze ) I leased her young mare Ozhyra Al Azhar. After a very unsuccessful first attempt at AI, Ozhyra was bred once more, but that pregnancy lasted only 15 days. Ute insisted that my dreams come true for me, and offered to me the as yet unborn foal of Asra Jamal and GR Amaretto. Wow. Of course I said yes! I anxiously awaited the email that let me know who this wonderful foal was.

Ashley at almost one week of age.

On August 22, 2004 I received an email with the subject of " A little star is born". I opened the email and could not wait to see what gift was inside. I poured over the words so excitedly that the words didn't soak in at first, so I had to re-read it many times over. The next email was full of so much more information about Ashley and I felt as though I had just adopted a baby and was learning all of the things about my new daughter. It didn't just seem that way, it really was happening. Over time I came to know so much of Ashley, what she was like on a daily basis, and as she grew I came to know who she was becoming through Ute's wonderful words.

Ashley Al Azhar
One of my many favorite photos of her.

Ashley on a beautiful day.

These photos are only but a few compared to ones that Ute sent to me of Ashley, along with some video clips. The clips are of Ashley playing and frolicking, her daily activities, and I cherish those clips. She was known to be so friendly as well, stopping whatever she was doing to greet Ute and to whinny a "hello!" and enjoy a scratch before going about her baby girl activities. She always took the time to greet the one who was responsible for her being on this earth, almost like a "Thank you" in appreciation for her being here with us. Ute used the term "much pepper in her backsides" to describe just how full of spirit Ashley was. As she matured, her beauty and type were only surpassed by her personality. A wonderful and thoughtful little lady she grew to be. She was also becoming a great mover like her playmate Malim Al Azhar ( by Classic Shadwan, Ashley's grandsire), such a lively and floating trot that effortlessly carries such beings to stardom.

Another beautiful photo of Ashley

Ashley in motion.

It took me a long time to put these words together. Seeing these photos of such a beautiful and friendly creature, and to write a requiem for these images that is fitting has proven quite difficult for me. I don't feel like there are any words really that would do her justice. She was here, and now she is gone. She has impacted my life in a way that words would do no good in trying to express. She touched my soul.

A typical head study of Ashley.
A very typey head, also very friendly and inquisitive expression.

A very young Ashley.

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