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Empire Arabians

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Many customers like to know about the company and people behind it. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves and our establishment.

Our Business Philosophy

Our goal is to be horse people, not horse sharks. We realize that we need to support ourselves and a large part of that is in our horses. That is not our only goal. Horses are living beings that deserve to be respected and honored, so respect for them comes first and foremost. We also plan to expand our business in the future, by anything from accessories to hay. In the next year there will be hand made native Egyptian halters for sale, among other items.

We will do our best to be an example of the people who have extended us kindness, as a way to "pay it forward".


Who we are....

We are at this point Susan Smith and myself, Rebecca Hansen, my daughter Kristen Barry. I have also added photos as a way of introducing ourselves.

My sister, Susan Smith

photo by Naomi
(L to R) Rebecca, Debzak (Shady) and Kristen up.

Ashley VanNostrand,my niece
Ashley Al Azhar's namesake.

Quite some time ago when Ashley was only about 7 years old she had gotten real upset about something, so I made a promise to her that I would name the first horse at the start of my farm for her. I think maybe Ashley Al Azhar was meant to be that special one. When I had originally contacted Ute, it was to lease a mare to carry the foal of Mohamed (Mahomed x Foze, both by Nazeer).
On the second attempt to get Ozhyra Al Azhar in foal, we had success. Unfortunately, on the second ultrasound on day 15, it showed her losing the foal. Ute knew how much this dream meant to me, so she extended an extraordinary offer. That offer was for the August 2004 foal of Asra Jamal by GR Amaretto. The foals are named with the beginning of their name and the mares name the same letter. It was also a filly. It was just alot of things that came together perfectly.
Our Company

Absolute Farms has been years in the making. It took alot of trial and error, learning the hard way in some instances. One of those hard lessons was that when it comes to the financial aspect of the horse business, don't assume the person you are dealing with is a friend. The people that Susan and I have met went to extraordinary lengths to make money or to get what they wanted. I am not saying that all people you will or have met are like that, just that they are out there. I cherish the people like Ute, and Linda. They are out there as well. We were naiive to the ruthlessness and cruelty that some people use as business methods. In one of my cases, a severe injury to the forearm occured to my mare. Alot of stories were told as to how the injury could possibly have occurred. The facts of that case were that it didn't happen in the time frame that was given, according to the vet report that I received, and the injury had obviously not been cared for as stated. The injury itself looked hideous and pitiful, compounded by the excessive swelling that extended from well into her shoulder area to her hoof.This horse was in this persons possession for 3 weeks after the injury.The man who did the trucking for me felt so sorry for us and at the condition of my horse, he refused to charge me any shipping fee. He knew I would need it for the vet bills for my horse's care. Within two weeks of getting my horse back, the injury had healed down to the size of a quarter.The most horrifying aspect was that the injury was 8 1/2 inches from front to back, and about 13 inches or so top to bottom,involving the entire forearm muscle. The same shape and measurement as a spade shovel. I was sued for the "care" and a contract I had never seen before was used against me. Sadly, I was unprepared to counter something that dishonest and unforseen, and lost my case to this individual. I did try to obtain a copy of the forged document, but it was not provided to the court, and I did have an attorney request it from this person, to no avail.Legally, without it I could do nothing. 

It became our focus and goal to be as forthright and honest as we wanted people to be to us.


Our Property.....

Here is a picture of our barn. A very relaxing summer day.


Absolute Farms is located in Johnstown, upstate New York,12095