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Empire Arabians

Updates and Info-updated 4/26/2011

For Sale/Lease-updated 4/19/2011
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Updates and Info-updated 4/26/2011
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Updates and farm information....

After the 6th try for a pregnancy Invictus is the result. A little stunner for sure, with an amazingly friendly personality.

Invictus (*Ecaho x *Shanaya Al Azhar by Classic Shadwan)

*Ecaho x *Shanaya Al Azhar (Classic Shadwan)

FFC Dreamageynie x *Piaff

Diamir is growing into a wonderful and charismatic young boy. True to his heritage he is a superb mover and can really turn it on in less than a second! He was bred for sport horse and it shows. He has long straight legs, tail carriage as straight as his sire, and he is built like *Piaff as well. A page will be added when photos are complimentary to his looks.
Diamir has been successfully shown at East Coast Championships 2009 and the Fall Classic 2010. He was champion at Fall Classic in his class of SHIH AOTH, and reserve over all, with the helpful guidance of Tommy Doyle.

Shanaya al Azhar
Classic Shadwan x Flaxmans Omasra

Shanaya is home! This picture is not a very good example of what she is truly like, this is an ungroomed stall photo. when excited she is a breathtaking example of a true Arabian mare! I am beyond proud to have been given such a wonderful opportunity by Ute Clausing who has graced me with such a wonderful gift to the Arabian world!
Thank you Ute, for everything....

Shanaya in paddock

Diamir 6/1/2008

Diamir 6/1/2008

*Piaff x FFC Dreamageynie


On April 21, Dreama delivered a very beautiful baby. The birth was quick, and he stood and nursed in record time! Once all fours were up he never fell back down. He is a very friendly and inquisitive boy, full of wonderful personality, excellent movement, and conformationally everything he was bred for. We are truly pleased and are happy to announce his arrival......

We have another wonderful mare due to arrive by the end of 2007. Shanaya al Azhar (Classic Shadwan x FL Omasra). A page for her will be coming shortly after she arrives. She will also be sent to Kim Potts of Venture Farms for halter training. With her heritage, I feel it is better to send her to a seasoned and accomplished trainer and I will know she will be shown to her full capacity.

Shady has been identified!! Her registered name is Debzak. For many years I have been looking for KW Isis' 2 registered foals and a grand son to hopefully continue her line. I have also been searching for Shadys identity since I bought her in April of 2005. It all came together  with one owner report. As it turns out, KW Isis and her daughter Nonsuch Nazeera and son Behmyr,and Bali Hai Tiffany (Shadys dam) were in the same broodmare band at the same time in Columbia, SC. Shady (Debzak), played in the same pasture as Isis' grandson, Behmyr.  The irony of it all!!!

FFC Dreamageynie
48 hours after surgery...and a good roll back home!!

Dreama arrived home from Cornell University in Ithaca NY yesterday (October 31), after her surgery to repair her perineal tear. After a multitude of questions, we found out that of a bad situation, it was the best scenario. She will be able to be bred as early as next year if we so choose, and we should be able to expect a normal and uneventful delivery. We would like to express so much gratitude and thanks to the staff at Cornell, who gave Dreama such wonderful care and made her stay easier for her, especially the lovely woman who cleaned her stall and gave her extra lovin's.
We would also like to say thank you so deeply to the unbelievable individual who donated-yes, DONATED, the money that was needed for her surgery. Although we do not know who you are, just know that you are thought of every day that we look at this wonderful horse who is healing back into who she deserves to be.
Again, Thank-you....

As of today, October 14th, Beaujs Charity and FFC Dreamageynie have come home for good! The old owner has had health problems and agreed to sell the two beauties back. Unfortunately, Dreama's health has not faired so well either. She suffered a 3rd degree perineal tear during birth several years ago that was not treated (the foal was lost), and has lost an incredible amount of weight. She will now be well cared for, and I will certainly update her photo on the "Horses Present" page when I have a presentable photo.

Beaujs Charity and our niece, Michael

FFC Dreamageynie
Taken upon arrival home-October 14, 2006

May 2006 Congratulations to Miroslav, as he is now the new owner of Westenfeld Mona Lisa! Susan felt that with all of the improvements that he has made to the property, with all of the time and effort he has selflessly poured into his works here, he more than deserved for her to be his.
Congratulations Husky!!!!!

June 26, 2006    Susan has now become the new owner to a yearling filly. She was sold to Susan by a rescue facility not too far from our farm. She is in need of alot of care, but she is beautiful! She is due to arrive by the first week of July.

Absolute Farms is located in Johnstown, upstate New York,12095