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Empire Arabians

Azlynnes Promise

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1988 Grey Crabbet-bred gelding
Richdor Seffanz x GH Jebecca

Azlynnes Promise
Spring 2006

Azlynne has been Susans companion since he was 6 months old, shortly after winning a beautiful baby contest. :-) He is also one of those rare horses that is naturally left brained. We try not to remind him that he is a horse either. Last time we did, he asked for his lawyer.
He is one of those individuals that you want as a partner on the trails and for endurance. He has such a level headedness that when you are in a rough situation, you give him his head for the best way out of it. He does not panic, he actually stops and thinks about it, and figures it out. Truly a remarkable individual we are blessed to have in our family.


Another photo of Azlynne. He is of some hidden and sought after lines through Never Die and Sunny Acres breeding. Some names in his pedigree are Joye (Raffles x Roda), Sef Ibn Rih (Never Die Ibn Rih and Never Die Agra, both by Rafmirz), and Sunny Acres Cherokee (Ibn Hanad x My Bonnie Nylon). He will also live his days here as our family member.

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